We will post here reviews, notes, comments about Conifers Around the World.

Kent Kainulainen


The books are magnificent. The brief species desciptions with a focus on diagnostic characters are very informative and the excellent photos are a treat!

Dave Kensy

Massachusetts, United States

"The books are stunningly beautiful. The amount of information on conifers in general in Volume 1 is amazing. The photography is the about the best I've ever seen. In a single word: Brilliant!

Dario Ciaramella

Science and Management of Nature from the University of Bologna

"I use Conifers Around the World like an infinite source of information. I read it almost every day. It influenced my life very much."

Review by Burkhard Witt, Botanical Garden, University of Jena, Germany

This book is an absolutely „must have”, now and on, for everyone really interested in conifers. What make this publication unique, are the overwhelming illustrations – 3700 conclusive and high quality color images taken in the native habitats of the conifer species, as well as the abundance of other graphics...

Review by Richard J. Naskali, University of Idaho Arboretum

This stunning new book, published by DendroPress Ltd, Budapest, Hungary in 2011, has recently become available in the U.S.A. It is a masterpiece reference for anyone interested in conifer data, distribution, geography, and references. The brilliantly printed quarto tome in two hard-bound volumes (1089 pages total) includes 3700 color photos, 1300 illustrations, 474 distribution maps, and a unique "Bark Gallery" of 646 color photos taken in the native habitat sites...

The book review by Mr. Tom Cox recently published in Conifer Quarterly, Vol. 29.

Likely no book in recent history written specifically about conifers has been more eagerly awaited than Conifers Around the World. A number of books have recently been published on this subject, but most are either about selected cultivated varieties (cultivars), conifers in the landscape or a taxonomic monograph at the species level...