Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Conifers Around the World affiliate program
You are welcome to join the book marketing program of Conifers Around the World and be part of our success story Earn money with ease!
Q: Who can join our affiliate system?
A: Anyone who adores nature, conifers, plant conservation, horticulture, or just likes gardening. We are happy to accept anyone above 18 irrespectively of gender, occupation or residence. We address those who put their hearts into the protection of the natural treasures of our planet.
Q: What is the affiliate system?
A: The affiliate system enables the visitors of our website to participate in the promotion and marketing of the award winning book entitled Conifers Around the World, which generates a commission to the Affiliate based on the sold items. Anyone can join our system FREE OF CHARGE. No previous experience, qualification or prior purchase is necessary.
Q: How can I join the affiliate system?
A: You can join our system through a quick registration process, which you can go through immediately by clicking on this link. The free registration procedure takes only a minute.
Q: How does the affiliate system work?
A: After you registered and entered the affiliate system, you receive a link that links your unique ID to our website. This link enables you to promote our website where Conifers Around the World can be purchased in our webshop. If somebody finds our website through your link and purchases a book, the system identifies the customer by your unique ID and transfers the value of the commission to your account at a given date (see later).
Here are some ideas on how to use your affiliate link effectively:
- Place it under your signature in emails
- Share the link in your favorite forums, posts, and comments as part of your signature.
- Tweet it and share it on social networks
Furthermore, since the system preserves the affiliate ID of your visitor and potential customer for 30 days, you receive your commission even if the actual purchase takes place only later in that period.
Q: How will I know whether anybody clicked on my affiliate link to buy a copy of the book?
A: By clicking “Unique Click count” menu item you can view the real time daily statistics about the number of visitors you directed to our website. Plus you receive an email about all fulfilled orders, but you can also check it any time by clicking on “Commissions” menu item.
Q: What will the commission value be, if a visitor purchases a book using my Affiliate link?
A: The commission is 5 % of the net selling price without the shipping cost.
Q: Can I use my own Affiliate link to buy a copy for myself? Will I receive a 5 % discount instead of the commission?
A: No, you cannot get the commission after your own purchase, however we can deduct it from the purchase price.
Q: Somebody bought a book from your webshop through my Affiliate link. When and what way will I receive my commission?
A: We transfer the amount of the commission to your (PayPal) account on the 15th day of every month, if that amount equals or exceeds EUR 50.00.
Q: Can I promote the book with any accessible ways?
A: No! You may not use unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), spam, search engine spam, or other illegal or unethical means by which to generate referral commissions. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your way of marketing complies with all applicable copyright and other laws including anti-spam laws. You must have express permission to use another party's copyrighted or other proprietary material. We will not be responsible if you use another party's copyrighted or other proprietary material in violation of the law or any agreement, and your indemnity will protect us if you do so.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on .............!
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