Introductory Chapters: About Conifers

Following is an overview of the subjects discussed in this chapter, with sample pages below.
The Age of Discoveries covers the history of exploration, discovery, and scientific description of conifers from classical to modern times, with emphasis on China and Mexico, two conifer-rich regions. 
Defenseless Conifers and Conifer Conservation discuss and illustrate with examples the many threats faced by conifers in their natural habitats.
Plant Classification and the Challenges of Conifer Identification gives an overview and history of botanical nomenclature and classification systems, especially as they relate to conifers.
Conifer morphology deals with all main characters of conifers in 6 subchapters (habit, bark, buds, foliage, cones, and seeds), each richly illustrated by photographs and drawings.
Distribution and Climate presents the scientific basis of the temperate-zone climate and flora on which the selection of conifers in this work is based. A broad overview of floristics and conifer distribution is given, along with a discussion of temperate vs. tropical conifers as delimited in this work.  
Conifers in Earth History shows simplified charts of Earth’s plate tectonic history accompanied by charts of the geologic timescale and a timescale of gymnosperm paleontology, with illustrations of reconstructed ancient forests.
Conifer Genera briefly describes the 56 conifer genera discussed in this work accompanied by original detail drawings showing pertinent morphological characters of foliage and reproductive structures. A unique part of this subchapter is the illustration of the pollen cones of all discussed genera.

Sample Pages