Review by Richard J. Naskali, University of Idaho Arboretum

'Conifers Around the World' by Zsolt Debreczy and Istvan Racz, edited by Kathy Musial
Review by Richard J. Naskali, University of Idaho Arboretum 
This stunning new book, published by DendroPress Ltd, Budapest, Hungary in 2011, has recently become available in the U.S.A. It is a masterpiece reference for anyone interested in conifer data, distribution, geography, and references. The brilliantly printed quarto tome in two hard-bound volumes (1089 pages total) includes 3700 color photos, 1300 illustrations, 474 distribution maps, and a unique "Bark Gallery" of 646 color photos taken in the native habitat sites. 
The Debreczy and Rácz duo are author and accompanying photographer, respectively. This work summarizes 30 years of research and world travel. The large and clear photographs are professional quality; in addition to native site photos, there are detailed close-up pictures of pollen and seed cones, and 1200 detail drawings. The richly illustrated 86-page introduction to conifers is highly educational. Kathy Musial, Editor in Chief, is the plant data records keeper at the prestigious Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA. 
1Overall, the book is geographically arranged to include most of the native temperate conifers of the world. It will be a long time before this masterpiece is superseded or excelled. The ISBN for the two volume work is 978 963219-061-7-0; the cost is ca. $290.00 U.S. It has limited availability in the U.S.A. but can be ordered through Bookpeople of Moscow, ID, 521 South Main Street, Moscow, ID 83843, phone (208) 882-2669. The Bookpeople e-mail:
~Richard J. Naskali