With 27 native taxa, the island of Taiwan has a unique coniferous flora containing 10 species that are currently treated as endemic. In this chapter there are 20 range maps, 6 conifer habitat photos and descriptions, and 19 full-page species profiles (see sample pages below).

Range Maps - Taiwan
Habitat Photos and Descriptions - Taiwan
Abies kawakamii and Amentotaxus formosana
Full-page species profiles: Cunninghamia lanceolata var. konishii and Juniperus formosana var. formosana
Juniperus morrisonicola and Juniperus tsukusiensis
Full-page species profiles: Keteleeria davidiana var. formosana and Picea morrisonicola
Full-page species profiles: Pinus armandii var. mastersiana and Pinus fragilissima
Full-page species profiles: Pseudotsuga sinensis var. wilsoniana and Taiwania cryptomerioides

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