László Lökös

László Lőkös, Ph.D. has worked at the Hungarian Natural History Museum as curator of the Lichen Collection since 1985. He has edited several volumes of various, mostly botanical, journals (e,g., Studia Botanica Hungarica, Acta Botanica Hungarica, Clusiana) and more than 20 scientific books, among them the travel diaries of noted 18th-century Hungarian botanist, Pál Kitaibel, and the series on the Hungarian Biodiversity Monitoring System, before taking on the technical editing of Fenyők a Föld körül (2000) and Conifers Around the World (2011). Dr. Lőkös participated in several botanical expeditions led to all countries in the Balkan Peninsula, as well as China, Mongolia, Nepal, and North and South Korea.