Kathy Musial

A native of Los Angeles, currently living in Pasadena, California, Kathy Musial has worked at the Huntington Botanical Gardens since 1982, where she is Curator of Living Collections. Though the Huntington displays one of the country's largest collections of warm-climate conifers outdoors, her main interest is the flora of Australia. She first met the authors in 1996 on the Dendrological Atlas Project Earthwatch expedition to Chile. She subsequently traveled with them to document conifers in Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, the United States, and Mexico. She has visited many botanically important areas worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, China, Ecuador, South Africa, and Turkey, to some as a tour leader. Kathy has worked with several horticultural organizations serving as Trustee, Board Member, and Committee Member. She has published a number of articles, mainly in Pacific Horticulture, and edited four books before undertaking editing Conifers Around the World.